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Flow meter
Ultrasonic flowmeter
Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Vortex flowmeter
Intelligent precession vortex gas flow meter
Orifice flowmeter
Verabar Flowmeter
Turbine flowmeter
Thermal gas mass flowmeter
V cone flowmeter
Metal tube float flowmeter
Oval gear flowmeter
Annubar Flowmeter
Pressure gauge
Pressure generating device series
Pressure gauge series
Bimetal thermometer series
Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Series
Transmitter instrument
Smart transmitter handheld programmer
Intelligent differential pressure transmitter series
Level transmitter series
Diffusion silicon pressure transmitter series
Digital display instrument
Display regulator
Paperless recorder
Level / level instrument
Level instrument
Level instrument
Instrument ball valve
Wire and Cable

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UploadFiles / 2010724145320388.jpg
Submersible electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 201163016537860.jpg
High pressure electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2010724145633521.jpg
Sanitary electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 20116309380274.jpg
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2010724151529349.jpg
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter (anti-corrosion type)
UploadFiles / 2010724151757126.jpg
Battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 201072415222869.jpg
Plug-in electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2010724152538785.jpg
Electromagnetic flow converter
UploadFiles / 2010724152726480.jpg
Electromagnetic flow sensor
UploadFiles / 2011325132132318.jpg
High viscosity flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2011526165213463.jpg
Electromagnetic heat meter
UploadFiles / 201161915740949.jpg
Anticorrosive electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 201162018335600.jpg
Integrated electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2011623172426641.jpg
Magnetic flowmeter sensor
UploadFiles / 2011628101421491.jpg
Acetic acid flow meter
UploadFiles / 2011628101457943.jpg
Liquid ammonia flowmeter
UploadFiles / 2011101218181723.jpg
High-precision intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 20111013114935161.jpg
Clamp type electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 201111992933471.jpg
High-precision intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
UploadFiles / 201111993050207.jpg
Capacitive electromagnetic flowmeter
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Address: No.333 Jianshe West Road, Jinhu County, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province
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