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Flow Meter-Battery-Powered Magnetic Flowmeter
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Details of the battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter :
TC-DCGD intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter (battery-powered) details:

TC-DCGD battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter

,无需220V 交流电压,只需 3.6VDC 内置锂电池供电,可连续工作 5 年以上,可广泛应用于城市供水、污水排放。 TC-DCGD battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter does not require 220V AC voltage, only needs 3.6VDC built-in lithium battery for power supply, can work continuously for more than 5 years, and can be widely used in urban water supply and sewage discharge. The electromagnetic flow conversion display uses a 16 -bit ultra-micro power processor, which has the characteristics of full digital signal processing, stable measurement, high measurement accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability; automatic bidirectional flow measurement, with instantaneous flow display, cumulative flow display, Functions of diagnosis and fault alarm; wireless remote transmission of GSM data and GSM / GPRS remote management software system.

的详细资料: Details of TC-DCGD battery- powered electromagnetic flowmeter :

Built-in battery-powered, providing 8 years of uninterrupted service.

,坚固耐用,适合城市供水,工业用水和农业灌溉等水控制。 This new century electromagnetic flowmeter is rugged and suitable for water control in urban water supply, industrial water and agricultural irrigation.

Outstanding instrument characteristics , expanding the application of flow meters

Rugged, no moving parts

Because there are no rotating or sliding parts like the rotors or gears of ordinary water meters, the influence caused by the wear of movable parts and the invasion of external impurities can be eliminated, so the meter can maintain long-term stable measurement accuracy

Wide-screen LCD display for easy reading

Using illuminated wide-screen LCD , digital display cumulative and instantaneous flow. Due to the instantaneous flow display, water metering and distribution can be performed.

High-precision continuous maximum or minimum flow measurement

几乎没有压损,可以连续进行大流量供水计量和水分配测量。 The electromagnetic flowmeter has almost no pressure loss, and can continuously measure large-flow water supply and water distribution. 由于其独特的结构,可精确测量小流量 Due to its unique structure, the electromagnetic flowmeter can accurately measure small flow

Can be installed anywhere

Because there are no mechanical moving parts, the meter can be installed horizontally, vertically or tilted anywhere

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