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Flow meter-smart electromagnetic flowmeter
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Details of smart electromagnetic flowmeter :

TC-ZNDC intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter                                      

智能电磁流量计是我公司采用国内外最新先进技术研制、开发的全智能型流量计,与老式模拟的或非智能的电磁流量计有非常大的区别,尤其在测量精度、可靠性、稳定性、使用功能和使用寿命等方面。 TC-ZNDC intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a fully intelligent flowmeter developed and developed by our company using the latest advanced technology at home and abroad. It is very different from old-fashioned analog or non-intelligent electromagnetic flowmeters, especially in measurement accuracy and reliability. , Stability, use function and service life.

TC-ZNDC electromagnetic flowmeter is a flow meter with high accuracy, high reliability and long service life, so we are very careful about every link in the process of designing product structure, selecting materials, formulating processes, production assembly and factory testing, we We also designed a set of domestically most advanced production equipment and flow calibration equipment dedicated to electromagnetic flowmeters, so as to ensure the long-term high quality of the product in both software and hardware.

智能电磁流量计 特别设计了带背光宽温的中文液晶显示器,功能齐全实用、显示直观、操作使用方便,可以减少其他电磁流量计英文菜单所带来的不便。 TC-ZNDC intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has specially designed a Chinese LCD display with backlight and wide temperature, which is complete and practical, intuitive to display, and easy to use, which can reduce the inconvenience caused by the English menu of other electromagnetic flowmeters. 4-6 多电极结构,进一步保证了测量精度并且任何时候无需接地环,减轻了仪表体积和安装维护的麻烦。 In addition, our exclusive design of 4-6 multi-electrode structure further guarantees measurement accuracy and does not require a grounding ring at any time, reducing the volume of the instrument and the trouble of installation and maintenance.


Flow measurement is not affected by changes in the density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and conductivity of the fluid. The sensor's induced voltage signal has a linear relationship with the average flow rate, so the measurement accuracy is high.

; 测量管道内无可动部件,因此传感器寿命极长。 There is no obstruction in the measuring pipe, so there is no additional pressure loss ; there are no moving parts in the measuring pipe, so the life of the sensor is extremely long.

5 倍的管道直径。 Since the induced voltage signal is formed in the entire magnetic field-filled space and is the average value on the pipeline loading surface, the straight pipe section required by the sensor is shorter and the pipe diameter is 5 times the length.

The sensor part only has the lining and the electrode in contact with the liquid to be measured. As long as the electrode and lining materials are reasonably selected, they can be resistant to corrosion and wear.

   (MCU) 和表面贴装技术 (SMT) ,性能可靠,精度高,功耗低,零点稳定,参数设定方便。 The converter adopts the latest and most advanced single-chip microcomputer (MCU) and surface mount technology (SMT) , which has reliable performance, high accuracy, low power consumption, stable zero point, and convenient parameter setting. LCD ,显示累积流量、瞬时流量、流速、流量百分比等。 Click the Chinese display LCD to display the accumulated flow, instantaneous flow, flow rate, flow percentage, etc.

Two-way measurement system can measure forward flow and reverse flow. Special production technology and high-quality materials are used to ensure that the performance of the product remains stable for a long time.

Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter

, 酸、碱、盐等强腐蚀性液体,原水,冷却水、纸浆、泥浆、煤浆、矿浆、糖浆、玉米浆、纤维浆、粮浆、石灰乳、双氧水、海水、啤酒、麦汁、牛奶和各种饮料等导电液体及固液两相液体 Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is suitable for measuring the volume flow of conductive liquids and slurries in closed pipelines , such as strong corrosive liquids such as acids, alkalis, salts, raw water, cooling water, pulp, slurry, coal slurry, ore slurry, syrup, corn slurry, fiber slurry , Grain slurry, lime milk, hydrogen peroxide, sea water, beer, wort, milk and various beverages and other conductive liquids and solid-liquid two-phase liquids .

Measurement principle

智能电磁流量计的测量原理是基于法拉第电磁感应定律 : 导电液体在磁场中作切割磁力线运动时,导体中产生感应电势,其感应电势 E : The measuring principle of the TC-ZNDC intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction : When a conductive liquid performs cutting magnetic field lines in a magnetic field, an induced potential is generated in the conductor, and its induced potential E is :


: K----- 仪表常数 In the formula : K ----- instrument constant

磁感应强度 B ----- magnetic induction

测量管道截面内的平均流速 V ----- Measure the average flow velocity in the section of the pipeline

测量管道截面的内径 D ----- Measure the inner diameter of the pipe section

V 流过垂直于流动方向的磁场,导电性液体的流动感应出一个与平均流速成正比的电压,其感应电压信号通过二个或二个以上与液体直接接触的电极检出,并通过电缆送至转换器通过智能化处理,然后 LCD 显示或转换成标准信号 4 20mA 0 1kHz 输出。 When measuring the flow rate, the conductive liquid flows at a velocity V through a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of flow. The flow of the conductive liquid induces a voltage proportional to the average flow velocity, and the induced voltage signal directly contacts the liquid through two or more The electrodes are detected and sent to the converter through the cable for intelligent processing, and then the LCD displays or converts them into standard signals 4-20mA and 0-1kHz output.

How to choose correctly

2/3 的故障是仪表的错误选型或错误的安装而造成的,请特别注意。 Instrument selection is a very important task in instrument application. Relevant data shows that 2/3 of the instrument failure in actual application is caused by incorrect selection or installation of the instrument. Please pay special attention.

Data collection

被测流体成份 Test fluid composition

最大流量、最小流量 ②Maximum flow, minimum flow

最高工作压力 Maximum working pressure
Highest temperature, lowest temperature

The range Q of the electromagnetic flowmeter should be greater than the expected maximum flow value, and the normal flow value should be slightly larger than 50% of the full scale of the flowmeter.
Maximum flow and minimum flow must match the numbers in the table below
Inner diameter mm 10 15 20 25 32 40 50 65
Qmin (m 3 / h) 0.0283 0.0636 0.12 0.176 0.29 0.452 0.7 1.19
Qmax (m 3 / h) 4.24 9.54 16.96 26.5 43.42 67.85 106.0 179.0
Inner diameter mm 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 350
Qmin (m 3 / h) 1.8 2.82 4.41 6.36 11.3 17.6 25.4 34.6
Qmax (m 3 / h) 271.0 424.0 662.0 954.0 1690 2650 3810 5190
Inner diameter mm 400 450 500 550 600 700 800 900
Qmin (m 3 / h) 45.2 57.2 77.6 85.5 101.0 138.0 180.0 229.0
Qmax (m 3 / h) 6780 8570 10600 12800 15200 20700 27100 34300
Inner diameter mm 1000 1100 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200
Qmin (m 3 / h) 282.0 342.0 407.0 554.1 732.7 916.0 1131.0 1368.4
Qmax (m 3 / h 42400 51300 61000 86121 108566 137404 169635 205258
Flowmeter model description:
Specification code Description
Enterprise standard TC-ZNDC
Instrument type
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter
Instrument type
Ordinary electromagnetic flowmeter
Path code -XXX
Example: 100 means DN100, if the diameter is followed by I, it means plug-in type, then AI means adjustable plug-in type
Electrode form
Standard stationary
Removable and replaceable
Electrode material
stainless steel
Platinum pt
Hastelloy B (HB)
Tantalum Ta
Hastelloy C (HC)
Lining material
Polyurethane rubber
Rated pressure (MPa)
Operating temperature
C <80 o C
C <180 o C
Ground ring
Without ground loop
With ground ring
Protection class
Converter type
PA bus
FF bus
Housing material
Carbon steel
stainless steel
Body flange
Carbon steel
stainless steel
Mounting mating flange
Power supply
Meter range (XXX)
Example: (2000) means that the maximum flow corresponding to 20mA is 2000M 3 / h
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